I might be a tiny bit pumpkin obsessed. I spend the month of September stalking the grocery store looking for that big bin of pumpkins to appear out front. Then, I load up my cart and thoroughly enjoy each of them until they rot come November…if I’m lucky and they don’t rot sooner! As much as I adore real pumpkins, it’s also nice to have a few that last me season to season. Here are five pumpkins that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. This post does contain affiliate links.

1. Small Felt Pumpkins: These small felt pumpkins are so cute and are precious to go at each place setting at aThanksgiving table.

2. Pumpkin Floral Stems: I love floral stems because they are so easy to use! Just add them to a vase you already have and you have an instant fall update!

3. Pumpkin Pillow: This pumpkin throw pillow is adorable and an unbeatable price! Just don’t forget the insert!

4. Large Metal Pumpkins:These metal pumpkins are made for a big front yard or porch.

5. A Mercury Glass Pumpkin: Mercury glass isn’t just for Christmas! This pumpkin could be used to dress up a china cabinet or dining table.