Christmas has come and gone, which means it’s time for the dreaded Christmas clean up. I love decorating my house for Christmas. but the clean up part is never as fun. But, I have a few tips that might make it a little easier!Quick Side Note:I did a post about Christmas Clean Up last year on my teaching blog, Yeehaw Teaching in Texas so that’s why some of the pictures are watermarked that way. This post does contain affiliate links too!  : )

TIP #1: Use plastic containers.
First of all, let me go ahead and make a confession: I have an addiction to plastic storage containers. I had to get that off my chest. I use them to store anything and everything. They just make storage so easy and they stack so nicely in the attic! Invest in some good storage containers, trust me you will use them for YEARS to come! Buy sizes that fit your needs! I use an extra long one (like this) for storing floral picks and other odd shaped decor.

The only thing I don’t put in a plastic tub, is the tree. I’ll admit,  putting up the tree is the worst! It’s still amazing to me that somehow my tree mysteriously fit in a box at some point. I learned a long time ago, tree storage bags are the way to go! Just make sure it will fit through your attic hole, some of them get really big. 

TIP #2 Label…twice!
I think it’s really important NOT to to just cram as much stuff as you can in a plastic storage container for the sake of saving space. You won’t be able to find anything and you will want to kick yourself the next Christmas. A few years ago, I spent a lot of time adding labels to my boxes AND lids! I used these labels and typed exactly what was in each box. Clean up is such a breeze and I don’t spend time trying to remember what I stored where! 
Just print off two of every label, one for the bucket and one for the lid! It really helps you save time and not play musical lids!

Tip #3: Make the containers work for you!

I really love the plastic containers with the cardboard ornament dividers too, but don’t let them hold you back! Arrange them to make your ornaments fit! Don’t forget about Ziploc bags too!

TIP #4: Throw it in the box.
Okay, don’t really throw it; but you really don’t need to spend tons of time wrapping up individual ornaments. If ornaments aren’t super special or fragile, they are usually fine! Your plastic containers get carried up to the attic and sit there for 11 months (or 10 if you put up Christmas early); and get carried back down. They really don’t need a lot of protection. : ) Leave ornament hangers on too!

 Tip #5:Clear the Clutter!
Before you start throwing things in plastic bins, make sure it’s things you really want to keep!  Make any repairs needed and throw away lights that no longer work, etc. It’ 
s also a great time to buy Christmas items on sale!

Oh and those Christmas Cards!  I just adore Christmas Cards and love making them into a book at the end of the season, but be honest with yourself. If you know that you will never do anything with them, toss them! You can read more about creating a Christmas Card book HERE. 

Spend a little extra time this year getting everything cleaned up and you will be thanking yourself next year! Happy New Year!